With the advent of the modern Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems the traditional plasterboard monolithic ceiling was obsolete in the commercial market, although the domestic market still prefers the traditional plasterboard and skim method of ceiling.

As the name suggests a modular system is defined with two popular sizes in mind and is composed of two basic elements, firstly, a white faced, pre-formed metal suspension grid and secondly a pre-finished decorative ceiling tile. Both elements are based either on a 600x600 or 1200x600 grid layout, although specialist ceiling systems can be increments of the two sizes. Nowadays the most popular grid size is 600x600 and can be incorporated within most interior designs with either a 25mm table or 15mm microlook table.

Decorative ceiling tiles are in the main constructed from mineral fibre and can have many face designs and edge patterns. In addition to mineral fibre, plasterboard and perforated metal tray tiles can be incorporated within the metal grid.

The advantage of all Lay-in-Grid systems is accessibility, with the exception of a one hour fire rated suspended ceiling. Electrics, Air Conditioning, Lighting, IT and Services can all be incorporated within the system. In fact most modulated ceiling mounted units are designed with a 1200x1200 grid pattern in mind.

Additional added advantages of a suspended ceiling is speed of installation, elimination of all wet trades and cost effectiveness. A new prefinished suspended ceiling incorporated with modern flooring wall finishes and furniture can lift a working environment for employees and visitors to enjoy.

Third Party Solutions - New Horizons Ltd will design, specify and cost the installation to match the clients budget. All our site installers are Health & Safety proficient and will work with all members of the clients staff.

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