As its name implies Project Management is an integral part of the Third Party Solutions New Horizons Ltd organisation.

To complete a successful contract on behalf of the client all elements integral to the contract have to be professionally managed by experienced personnel fully conversant with the construction industry and in particular the disciplines they, themselves, are proficient in.

We pride ourselves in the ability to put together a competent team to manage on behalf of a client all construction requirements and to complete on time, on or below financial budget and to full satisfaction.

Our services include competitive selective purchasing, appointment of suitable, capable installers, sub-contractors and specialists. Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us and all mangers are proficient in this subject, under the professional guidance of Dave Cant principal director of Veritas Consulting Ltd.

As a separate service we offer total professional Project Management to our clients regardless of whether we are engaged under contractual terms. This service offers the client the flexibility for us to procure materials and package deals and for us to manage their total project from concept to successful completion.

For further information on our project management services, please call us on 01527 500 055 to discuss your requirement, or complete our enquiry form on the Contact page.