Passive fire protection can encompass fire rated doors, barrier, ceilings and structural fire protection with an overal aim to prevent fire spreading from one compartmentalised area to another.

Third Party Solutons - New Horizons can provide systems to help with all areas of passive fire protection, air-sealing, dry-lining & partitions and acoustic barriers.

The correct use of the right fire rated doors and partitions can stop smoke seepage from one partitioned area to another and can dramatically reduce the spread and rapid growth of a fire. This in turn can prevent structural damage and the ultimate collallpse of the building structure.

We specialise in providing from consultation to construction combined air-sealing and passive fire protection packages. Our highly experienced team using only the correctly rated components and materials can effectively provide a passive fire protection system that will comply to Building Regulations for air tight measurement. We can perform full testing procedures to make sure no air leakage paths are present.

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