Third party Solutions - New Horizons Ltd is primarily an interior building and refurbishment company, with the capability of offering our clients projects professionally designed, procured and built to a satisfactory completion.

The majority of our work is bespoke and with that in mind we offer a multitude of in-house building services including modern floors, walls, ceilings and mechanical services designed in conjunction and with our clients in-put to ensure ultimate satisfaction with the final product and within pre-set budgetary constraints.

We pride ourselves in our sound construction knowledge and the ability to interpret our clients’ requirements and with the added bonus to get the job done.

We will not procure or install any product we are unfamiliar with and we will not subject our clients to a product we are not 100% sure of performance and fitness for roll. Our duty of care is paramount and our clients’ confidence in our ability to make decisions on their behalf is equally as important.

Our management, design team and supervisors are professional and efficient. All site personnel are proficient in their given skills and will work with the client’s sub-contractors and management. We like a happy ship.

During 2013, and in an effort to increase our services, we are introducing to our clients a complete company relocation package. This will enable us to plan and move a client’s office and manufacturing facilities from a present location to a new site location anywhere in the UK, including the provision and procurement of necessary infrastructure, site services and set-up arrangements. The movement of all machinery and installation will be in our remit; in fact it is our aim to remove all the worry and concern from our clients and to present to them a fully-fitted, fully-working and fully-functional working environment.

For further information on our range of services, please call us on 01527 500 055 to discuss your requirement, or complete our enquiry form on the Contact page.